I'm Em, the gal behind Forged Coast Goldsmith.

I make a variety of different metal creations, ranging from simple, accessibly priced jewelry, to more extravagant pieces featuring natural gemstones, to unique home decor. 

I grew up in Dartmouth, Nova Scotia and have always drawn a great deal of inspiration from the people, land, and art culture of the East Coast. After graduating from art school in Toronto, I was eager to make my way back to the coast with this new found love for metal and fire creations. The inspiration I dreamt of during my cold time in Toronto was waiting with the same vibrancy in which I left it, filling me with eagerness to get my hands dirty.

Having grown up in a family that operated its own business, I knew from an early age that the kind of dedication and determination I saw my parents put into their work was the only kind that would satisfy both my need to contribute to my local community, while also fuelling my need to create.

Thank you for being a part of this journey with me, I look forward to growing within my business and within myself.