Use code "shipping" at checkout to get free express shipping on orders $200 and up!
Use code "shipping" at checkout to get free express shipping on orders $200 and up!
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At Forged Coast we are committed to offering beautiful and ethically produced products that bring intention and calmness to your life. We work hard to ensure we are your trusted go-to for jewelry, home decor and accessories by being ultra diligent when it comes to the environmental impacts of our production.

As Forged Coast has grown over the past 4 years, keeping up with demand while refusing to compromise on quality has required us to evolve in ways we are proud and excited about! In 2019, after our best selling Vessel Necklace was released, it became clear that in order to keep up with our growing customer base, we needed to make some changes. This meant pivoting FCG from a completely handmade business, to one that used the power of community to find a manufacturing partner that was aligned with our strong moral code. In the world of fast fashion and raging consumerism, it was difficult to find a partner that shared both our concern for the workers and the environment, but after almost a year, we found our perfect fit(s)! Below is a full breakdown of these partners, and which pieces come from where.


As we grow, it has always remained important to have a wide range of prices within our collections, to ensure that ethical and environmentally conscious goods are accessible to everyone. Our CURATED 4 U collection is made up of carefully selected pieces produced by our California based manufacturing parter. We began the development of our partnership with this company in May 2020, and after months of quality testing, they have continued to exceed our (high) expectations. The success of the collection has shown us that our community has great interest in entry level jewelry from a source they can trust! These pieces are great for people who like to match their jewelry to current trends, but don't want to contribute to the effects of the fast fashion industry to do so.


The FCG ORIGINALS collection is made up of all of our own designs, and are made by the ladies who work at Flow Jewelry Studio. After over a year of carefully searching for a manufacturing partner that we could trust with our original designs, we found Flow! They are a completely women run business based out of Bali, and have the same commitment to ensuring the best for our environment and the people within it. This partnership took a long time to set up, and after almost 2 years of design tweaking, late night Skype calls, and samples, we are so excited to be introducing you this side of our business! You can take a look inside their studio and check out what else they're working on here: